Latest Bat Removal Jobs

Bat Infestation – August 5th 2013

Bat InfestationI know it’s hard to believe but this attic has a bat infestation. The neat part is that they are not entering the attic through any of these openings (at least not yet). A gable end vent on the other side of the house is where they chose to enter. However, if these openings are not sealed, they will gladly enter the attic here as well! We will seal the entire house, evict the bats and clean up the mess they leave behind.

Bat News – July 20th 2013

A bat submitted from Hot Springs AR has tested positive for rabies, bringing the total number of positive rabies cases in Garland County to 11.

Currently, there are 99 total positive cases reported in the State of Arkansas.

Bat Guano Cleanup – June 26th 2013

Bat Guano CleanupThis 15# pile of bat guano had fallen from a crack above the doorway. Imagine how much is in the walls? We will see in a few days.

A special Master Gardener friend of mine will be getting a little gift this week.