The Second Step of a Bat Removal project is Bat Removal by Exclusion

We only use humane bat removalLive Bat Removalbat control techniques and use approved bat exclusion techniques using custom-made and commercial available one-way bat exit tubes, one-way valves and netting.  No mothballs, naphthalene, ultrasonic sound devices, or witchcraft! Bat Repellents and Home Remedies don’t work! Some jobs require a little more ingenuity than others.  The off-the-shelf bat valves just don’t cut it in all cases.  Having the experience and knowledge required to be able to “read” the signs is required to be able to bat-proof commercial buildings and homes.  Call us, we have it covered!

We offer Advanced Bat Control and specialize in the actual seal up of your home and getting the problem that you have encountered under control.  We perform Bat Inspections which will help us find your home’s defects so we can seal them in order to get rid of your bat problem and back it up with a written guarantee in qualified homes.  Health and odor issues associated with having bats inside a building are no joke!  Waiting to see how long they will stay?  They will stay as long as you let them in most cases in the South!  With our mild winters, there is little reason to migrate elsewhere.  Prevention is the key to keeping bats out of your home.

Bat removal

This bat was excluded from its roost in near Toledo Bend Reservoir in Zwolle LA, Sabine Parish.

If you are looking for someone who can perform Bat Removal Services, Bat Control Services, Bat Exclusion, Bat Guano Removal Services, Bat Guano Cleanup – look no further.  We travel all over Louisiana  for Bat Control jobs just like yours!  Don’t let just any old Pest Control Exterminator near your house if you have a bat problem such as bats in the attic or bats in the walls.  The bats must be removed and not killed!  Done wrong and the Exterminator will make the problem worse!  Leave Bat Control up to the Experts, trust Wildlife Abatement, LLC to safely and humanly remove the bats from your home. We are based in the Shreveport Bossier City area  but regularly travel to other Parishes all across the state including the Lake Bruin area in St Joseph,   Call or email us today to discuss your bat removal options.

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