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  • Bats can enter your house through such a small opening, it takes a trained eye to locate them.  The entire house needs to be sealed from bats, not just the places the bats are using to get in.  Bat Conservation International strongly recommends that exclusion professionals bat-proof the entire building and avoid spot treatments. Moving bats from one corner of a building to another does not solve the problem and may require other bat exclusions in the future.  Bat removal is a detailed and tedious process which can be a bit expensive.  It is not something that you want to have to pay for twice because the job was botched by someone else and the work was not guaranteed.  Our bat control service is guaranteed!

  • Exclusion is a method to deny the bats entry to your home.  One-way valves or devices made from lightweight polypropylene netting (<1/6″ mesh), plastic sheeting or tube-type valves are refered to as “bat excluders” or “exclusion devices” and are the preferred methods for evicting bats from buildings. Exclusion devices should be placed at all active entry points and should remain in place for at least five to seven days. These devices should be removed after all bats have been excluded, and exclusion points should then be sealed with silicone caulking, urethane sealant, backer rod, hardware cloth or heavy-duty polypropylene mesh. In some cases, sealing may require repair or replacement of old, deteriorated wood.

  • Once we remove the bats from a house, we go through the pain-staking process of bat proofing to prevent them from returning.  Proper bat-proofing is all about fine detail and identifying all potential ways bats can enter and leave a home. The photos below show several places we identified after the client paid for a “bat exclusion” by another wildlife removal company. The secret is to seal up all holes.  All of them, not just the ones the bats are currently using at that time.

  • If you are looking for someone who can perform Bat Removal Services, Bat Control Services, Bat Exclusion, Bat Guano Removal Services, Bat Guano Cleanup – look no further.  We travel all over Louisiana for Bat Control jobs just like yours!  Don’t let just any old Pest Control Exterminator near your house if you have a bat problem such as bats in the attic or bats in the walls.  The bats must be removed and not killed!  Done wrong and the Exterminator will make the problem worse!  Leave Bat Control up to the Experts, trust Wildlife Abatement to safely and humanly remove the bats from your home. We are based in Shreveport but regularly travel to other Parishes.  Call or email us today to discuss your bat removal options.

  • Health department officials say it’s never safe to co-exist in a building with bats. The biggest problem with bats in any living structure is always the threat of rabies and the odor bat guano and urine leaves behind.  It is very hard to even know if you were ever even bit by a bat because of their size and if you slept in a room where a live bat was found please contact your local health department for guidance and possible exposure to bat rabies.  Bats with Rabies and West Nile Virus were confirmed by the CDC in Texarkana in Sept 2012.  Read the story and see the video in the link in the footer of this page.

  • We know how to get the bats out of your home, bats in the attic, bat in the house, bats in the chimney, bats in the walls… and keep them out and we promise you that in a written guarantee on qualifying homes. We use the latest and most humane pesticide-free methods of bat removal and bat exclusion to seal up all potential bat entry and bat exits points to your home. LIVE Bat Removal!   No hazardous chemicals left to linger in your home for YEARS!  Bats occupying your home does present a health hazard!  It is especially dangerous to those with already weak immune systems!  There have been cases where histoplasmosis has been confused with lung cancer.  If know you have bats in your home and are suffering from lung-related illnesses, make sure your physician knows about the bats in your home.

  • We get the bats out, seal up your home and guarantee all of our bat removal work.  Please call and inquire about our bat inspection, bat exclusion, bat control and humane bat relocation services. Do mothballs repel bats or make them move out of the attic? Don’t be fooled by false claims of bat repellents and moth balls!  They do not get rid of bats; it just makes your house stink and unsafe!

  • If you are looking for the recipe for a bat spray repellant or bat control product, bat bait, look no further!  I will be glad to share that information with you.  THERE ARE NO LONG-TERM BAT  THAT ARE SAFE FOR YOU TO USE IN YOUR HOME.   See, that was easy.  Things worth doing ARE WORTH DOING RIGHT.  The right way to remove bats from a structure is to EXCLUDE (get all the bats out using proven methods – no hocus pocus, voodoo, REPELLANTS smoke, scents, sounds or lights), SEAL (Bat-proof the entire structure.  If the entire structure is not bat-proofed, the bats will enter the building from another location and you are back to square one) and CLEAN (Remove all bat guano and bat urine deposits if at all possible).  The pheromones left by bat guano and bat urine will continue to attract bats to your house.  If it is properly sealed, you have nothing to be concerned about, but if one little opening is left, the bats will exploit that and move right back in.  Why chance that to an amature pest control technician or exterminator?  CALL A PRO  (318)553-3006 

  • While some people will not believe this, I assure you it is true.  I have been in many bat-infested attics before and found all the normal “Bat Repellant” type stuff  – you know, moth balls in panty hose, boxes of mothballs, Electronic Ultrasonic sound emitter boxes, bottles of Listerine mouthwash, loud radios, bright lights, pepper gel and even Coyote Urine!  But this one attic beat all those.  As I was looking around, I saw an old style Milk Can.  Now, if you are not familiar with what a “Milk Can” is, let me just say a metal can about 14″ in diameter and about 28″ tall.  The Milk Can was sitting on two bricks in the attic.  I just had to look in it and found old burned up rags inside.  Yep, bats will make people desperate, that is a FACT!  The previous residents had tried to SMOKE THE BATS OUT OF THE ATTIC!!!  And, to answer your question, NO that didn’t work either.  That’s why they finally called a pro!

    Concerned about bats & rabies? If bats are in the belfry…call a Bat Removal Guy, bat removal company, bat removal specialist, nuisance bat control operator or wildlife abatement company.  Scare tactics, mothballs and ultrasonic sound emitters do not work!  The permanent solution is to call a professional bat control expert and have the bats removed and the guano removed for good.

  • We are available and ready and on call for Advanced Bat Control and to remove any bats from the living space of your home.  We will also do a thorough inspection of your home and attic and determine if it is a stray bat from outside or the most common reason for a bat in the home which is bats in the attic or bats in the walls which have found a way inside your home. We have an Emergency Response Trailer specifically outfitted for Bat Removal and Exclusion.

  • Bats are removed, WE ARE NOT A BAT EXTERMINATOR. We get the bats out and seal up your home. Call us for all bat inspection, bat exclusion, bats in the attic, bats in the chimney, bat control, and bat removal problems, not an exterminator!  Live Bat Removal. Live Bat Relocation, rabies in bats, bats with rabies, bats with histoplasmosis, histoplasmosis in bats, WNS, white nose syndrome, bat bugs, bat fleas, bat ticks, are just a few of the problems which go hand-in-hand with having bats in your house, or bats in your home.  Allowing bats  to live in your attic is just NOT a good idea!

  • We perform LIVE Bat Removal!  The bats are not trapped unless we need to catch a sample for testing.  The bats can not return to your home because your home will be bat proofed by us.  The bats will fly around for several days looking for a secondary entrance to your home.  This is why it is imperative to have a bat professional conduct the bat exclusion!  It would be a shame to get the bats out and perform the cleanup only to have the bats return later and you would have to start all over again wasting time and money! Proper bat proofing and sealing of the home is the solution to bat problems. 

  • The most dangerous thing about bat guano is histoplasmosis which is a fungus that can be in the bat guano.  When the bat guano is disturbed the dust can be ingested in your lungs and cause histoplasmosis.  If the guano is in a location that has the possibility of being disturbed or can get a breeze across it, more likely than not bat guano removal will be recommended.  Following the bat guano removal, the affected area will be treated with disinfectant, sanitizer, viruside and possibly an insecticide to get rid of bat bugs, ticks and fleas all which can be associated with a bat infestation.

  • Bat extermination is not the answer!  Bats are usually protected so there is no such thing as a “legal” bat exterminator.  The correct way for bat control is removing bats from my house and proper exclusion techniques and bat proofing. Every crack, hole or opening large enough for a bat must be sealed or you will likely get bats in your attic again. 

  • Can you remove the bats from my house and leave them on the property? Yes! With the addition of a bat house, you can have both.  You still enjoy the benefits of having bats around your property but do not have to share your home with them!  You need a properly constructed and located bat house for them to move into.  We “seed” the bat house with the same bat guano that came out of your home so the bats can more easily adapt to the new structure.

    We can install a bat house which may attract them when they can no longer gain access to your home.  With our design, the bats have a large void to fill and can move around to adapt the changing temperatures.  We design and install the house based on your individual needs.  Don’t waste money on a bat box nailed to a tree; our design works and looks great!

  • Bat inspections are detailed and comprehensive. A bat can squeeze through a gap the size of a #2 pencil. Most houses are not built to keep a bat out! We inspect every inch of the exterior of your home, seal up every gap big enough for bat entry and guarantee our work. Bats spend over half of their lives roosting so where and why bats roost is important to understand our many diverse bat species we have here in Louisiana.

    Why do bats live in attics? Can you blame them for hanging out around Cross Lake, Toledo Bend or Lake Bruin? They have plenty of water, mosquitoes and beautiful homes to live in! Bats are regularly found in trees, caves, under bridges, vacant buildings and found roosting in an around the attics of homes to name just a few.

    Do bats have predators? Bats require a safe roosting place away from predators and severe weather including extreme high and low temperatures. Why do bats roost? What do bats do when they roost? How do bats communicate? The bat roost always becomes a communication place between bats and where a bat colony would live together to raise their young bat pups, rest and digest their food and hibernate together.

  • Do mothballs repel bats? Bats have both day and night roosting places. The day roosting place is for extended rest periods where the night roosting places are used for brief resting while eating and over the course of a night bats may rest more than once at different roosting locations. Some bat species use their night roosts to hunt for prey and in tropical regions bats species may use them to call potential mates. Bats may change roosts daily when threatened by predators or have different summer (possibly homes or attics) and winter roosting locations (caves). Mothballs do not work for permanent bat removal. In some cases they will move the bat from the very spot the mothballs are located but they will typically just scoot over a few inches and roost beside the mothballs. This is not the solution to the problem!

  • Bat roosts are chosen because of favorable protection against wind, temperature and moisture amounts in the roosting area.  Do bats really hang upside down? Most bats roost hanging upside down and unlike humans have evolved to not have all the blood run to their heads. Bats guano smells so bad. Are the bats affected by the odor? Will bats abandon a roost if it smells too bad? Bats that accumulate in large groups like the Mexican free tailed bat have evolved so that they are not affected by highly dangerous levels of  ammonia from the bat guano in caves from millions of bats roosting in places like Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico.

  • All wild animals play an important role in our environment. Some wild animals are more common to carry rabies. These animals include raccoon, skunk, fox, and bats. Animals that have hair or fur and produce milk are at risk to get or spread rabies. It is important not to approach, touch, feed, or relocate any wildlife and this includes finding a bat laying on the ground!

    When an animal has rabies, its behavior can be very unpredictable. It may bite or scratch or lose its fear of people. It may seem real friendly. You can’t tell by looking at an animal if it has rabies or not, and it could pass it on to either you or to your pets, so we want you to remember not to feed wild animals and if you see an animal around your property, you should avoid it.  WE HAVE BEEN VACCINATED!

  • Do you have a bat in your home or bats in the attic?  Need to know what to do with a bat in the house?  We are available and ready so call (318)553-3006 for bat removal or to remove any bats from the living space of your home.  We will also do a thorough inspection of your home and attic and determine if it’s a stray bat from outside or if you have bats in the attic.

    Kick them out of your house and into a bat home of their very own.  It is a Win-Win situation for you and the bats.  How to remove bat guano you ask?  Bat Guano removal can be a long, hot and tedious job which is best performed by properly suited professionals wearing Personal Protective Equipment The hazards associated with bat guano far outweigh you trying to do it yourself.  Bat guano diseases, bat bugs, fleas and ticks are part of the problem but our customers most often complain of the smell associated with bat guano.

  • We remove bats and bat guano from attics and install bat houses statewide in Louisiana including Shreveport LA, Bossier City LA, Barksdale Air Force Base LA, Benton LA, Coushatta LA, Natchitoches LA, Ruston LA, Monroe LA, Many LA, Zwolle LA, Alexandria LA, Farmerville LA, Tallulah LA, Ferriday LA, Waterproof LA, Winnsboro LA, Haughton LA, Minden LA, Keithville LA, Greenwood LA, Stonewall LA, , Blanchard LA, Doyline LA, Oakland LA, Princeton LA, Bat House sales in Benton LA, Coushatta LA, Natchitoches LA, Ruston LA, Monroe LA, Many LA, Zwolle LA, Bat house installation in Alexandria LA, Farmerville, Tallulah LA, Logansport LA and Leesville LA.   Bat removal Baton Rouge LA, Lafayette LA, Lake Charles LA, Vidalia LA, St Joseph LA, Delta LA, Lake Pontchartrain, Bat control in Toledo Bend, Cross Lake, Caddo Lake, Lake Bistineau, Lake Providence, Lake Bruin, Lake Concordia, Lake St John, Lake Saint John,   Texarkana AR, Russellville AR, bat guano cleanup in Mountain View AR, bat guano removal in Mountain View AR, bat removal in Hot Springs AR, Marvern AR, Little Rock Arkansas, Little Rock AR, Lake Ouachita, bat removal on Lake Hamilton, Lake Catherine, Lake GreesonDeGray Lake.  Dallas TX, Center TX, Center Texas, DFW, bat removal in Dallas Texas, Bat control in Dallas TX, Texarkana TX, Wright Patman Lake, Mt Pleasant, Lufkin TX, Lake Sam Rayburn, Nacogdoches TX, Marshall TX, Tyler TX, Flint TX, Lake Palestine, Lake Tyler Longview TX, Lake Cherokee, Martin Lake, Carthage TX, Dixie Lake, Lake Murvaul, Lake O’ the Pines, Lake Monticello, Lake Bob Sandin, Lake Cypress Springs, Bat house installation in Vicksburg Mississippi, bat control in Vicksburg MS, Pearl MS, Jackson MS, Brandon MS, bat removal in Natchez MS, bat removal in Tunica MS, Bat control in Tunica MS, and around bodies of water such as the Tensas River, Ouachita River, Caney Lake, Murray Lake, Lake Bruin, Yucatan Lake, Lake Saint Joseph, Lake Providence, Gassoway Lake, Corney Lake, Sibley Lake, Caddo Lake, Cypress Bayou Reservoir, Caddo Lake, Black Bayou Lake, Wall Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Phillips Lake, Cross Lake, Flag Lake, Lake Bistineau, Wallace Lake, Kepler Creek Lake, Mill Creek Reservoir, Claiborne Lake, Lake Claiborne, Lake Chicot, Bayou la Nana, Bayou San Miquel, Bussy Brake, Bayou de Siard, Bayou D’Arbonne Lake,  Lake D’Arbonne, Caney Lakes, Cheniere Lake, Beard Lake, Hatley Lake, Jim Nolen Brake, Finch Lake, Catahoula Lake, Turkey Creek Lake, Lake Iatt, Billy, Nantachie Lake, Black Lake, Clear Lake, Cheechee Bay, Saline Lake, Nantachie Lake, Woolen Lake, Lake Rodemacher, Cotile Lake, Williams Lake, Kincaid Reservoir, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Chathum Lake, Caney Creek Reservoir, Lake Maurepas, Lake Pontchartrain, Sabine Lake, Calcasieu Lake, Grand Lake, White Lake, Fish Lake, Grand Lake, Lake Salvador, Lake Borgne, Pearl River, Red River, Fletchers Lake, Lake St John, Larto Lake, Cocodrie Lake, Lake Louis, Lake Saint John, Lake Concordia, Mississippi Lakes, Ross Barnet Reservoir, Vicksburg MS, Brandon MS, Madison MS, Ridgeland MS. Arkansas Lakes, Hot Spring AR, Hope Arkansas, Hope AR, Little Rock AR, Texarkana AR. Texas Lakes, Dallas TX, Longview Texas, Longview TX, Marshall TX, Tyler TX.  

    Just because your area is not listed does not mean we cant service your problem. Just give us a call for Bat Removal Service at (318)553-3006