The First Step of a Bat Removal project is the Bat Inspection

We perform Bat Inspections which will help us find your home’s defects so we can seal them in order to get rid of your bat problem and back it up with a written guarantee in qualified homes.

Bat Hole

An existing opening is often utilized by bats to gain access to your home. Once inside, they can find their way into wall voids or inside your entire attic! Left alone, the bat guano and bat urine quickly build up and soon the bat odors will linger inside your home. This home is on beautiful Lake Bruin in St Joseph LA Tensas Parish.

It’s a fact of life that bats do enter homes that are not properly sealed up. The biggest problem is that most homeowners realize too late that bats are in their attic because their home was poorly built by design or one of the building trade craftsman left a small gap and bats have moved in.  One of the service technicians from the telephone, cable, satellite or other in-home connected service companies left small gaps where they routed their cable, wires or pipes.  Since 3/8ths of an inch is big enough, any gap the size of a #2 pencil could be used by bats to enter the larger cavities in your attic, soffit or even behind the shutters of your home.

We know how to get the bats out of your home, bats in the attic, bat in the house, bats in the chimney, bats in the walls… and keep them out and we promise you that in a written guarantee on qualifying homes. We use the latest and most humane pesticide-free methods of bat removal and bat exclusion to seal up all potential bat entry and bat exits points to your home. LIVE Bat Removal!   No hazardous chemicals left to linger in your home for YEARS!  Bats occupying your home does present a health hazard!  It is especially dangerous to those with already weak immune systems!  There have been cases where histoplasmosis has been confused with lung cancer.  If know you have bats in your home and are suffering from lung-related illnesses, make sure your physician knows about the bats in your home.