Step 1 – Bat Inspection

Call us to have an extensive bat inspection done. We will determine if there is a need to have the bat guano removed in the attic, which cracks have to be sealed and which cracks need bat traps installed.  After bat cones are installed, they stay in place for about 3 to 4 weeks. This allows all the bats to leave the building and find a different place to live.

Step 2 – Bat Removal

There is only one way to remove bats legally and permanently, and that is by live exclusion. This means waiting for the bats to leave the roost, and then sealing up the entry point so they cannot access your home. This can only be done during certain times of the year, such as after the bats have migrated. We never fumigate them or use any other inhumane removal method.

Step 3 – Attic Restoration

One of the biggest problems that we face after removing a colony of bats roosting in a building is the large amount of bat guano left behind. Bats eat a lot of insects, and have a high metabolism, and each bat poops 20 to 30 times per day, leaving behind a whole lot of bat poo! Once a bat colony or bird infestation is removed from an attic, the bat cleanup  can be an even bigger project.

What About Bat Repellants

You can get all the bats out of your house safely, in an environmentally sound way, and ensure that they will never come back. But there is absolutely positively no effective bat repellent product or machine that will make bats leave your attic or anywhere, for that matter. If you have bat Removal questions please call us at (318)553-3006


Do you have a question about what areas we provide our  Bat Removal Services? We remove bats over most of Louisiana, and parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, and East Texas. We can go as far West as Dallas Texas and as far East as Jackson Mississippi. If you are outside of this area just call us at (318)553-3006



Do you have a question about our Bat Removal and Bat Prevention Service? Like What is bat proofing? Why are Bat Inspections so important? What are Bat Houses and why would I want one? What are your hours? You can check here to see if I have already answered these questions or just call us at (318)553-3006

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